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Patient Resources

Plastikos plastic surgery patient and informational resources.

Video Resources

Informative videos featuring Dr. Susan Kolb.

Dr. Kolb Videos

Dr. Susan Kolb discusses the problems and possible dangers involved with saline breast implants.

Dr. Kolb featured on The Doctors TV Show.

Exclusive: Woman Discovers Mold Growing on and inside Her Breast Implants - Dr. Kolb Explains.

Newsand Articles

News and Articles

These articles have been written by our providers to assist patients in their understanding of each respective topic and our philosophy in total holistic healthcare.

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Plastikos Newsletters

Plastikos Newsletters

Learn more about Plastikos, our ongoing events, and plastic surgery tips by accessing our complete listing of newsletters sent to Plastikos email newsletter subscribers.

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Plastikos Events

Plastikos Events

Plastikos is host to a variety of adhoc and ongoing events and meetings. Attend our next meeting or get more information about previously hosted meeting events.

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Haling Protocols

Healing Protocols

From holistic cancer treating protocols to immune health, and detoxification, Plastikos offers a host of holistic treatment protocols, provided for your information.

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Dr. Kolb Radio Show

Dr. Kolb Radio Show

Join us every Saturday from 12-1 pm EST for the Temple of Health Radio Show on BBSRadio. Listen live at BBS Radio or click below for previously recorded shows.

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Natural Apothecary

Natural Apothecary

Visit our online store for access to more than 400 natural apothcary products and all-natural dietary supplements for sale at unbeatable prices directly through Plastikos.

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