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Healthcare Providers

Meet our highly respected medical team

We are an Atlanta based medical practice comprising a talented medical professional team that is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive medical care through an integrative healthcare approach that encompasses biochemical and psychological wellbeing.

"DR. MIKE" GREENBERG, D.C. Holistic Chiropractor.

Dr. Mike Greenberg is trusted by celebrities such as James Garner, Richard Dreyfus, Quincy Jones, and Rod Stewart; and is well recognized as an outstanding health care provider with more than 20 years experience.

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BRAD GOULD, M.D. General Practitioner.

A Board Certified Family Medicine practitioner, Dr. Gould attended Medical College of Georgia and graduated in 1999 and completed his internship at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and his residency at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

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NADYA DHANANI, C.C.H, B.H.M.S. Homeopath, Rs Hom (N.A.).

A graduate from the Homeopathic Medical College, Dr. Dhanani is certified by the Central Council of Homeopathy and specializes in obesity, skin conditions, mental disorders, respiratory problems and children's health issues.

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