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"DR. MIKE" GREENBERG, D.C. Holistic Chiropractor.

Beginning his career in Los Angeles, "Dr. Mike" Greenberg built his reputation as an outstanding health care provider. His practice of 20 years has seen many celebrities, such as James Garner, Richard Dreyfus, Quincy Jones, Rod Stewart, Amy Irving, Cathy Lee Crosby and Barry Bostwick. Dr. Mike has appeared on national TV, published articles on achieving optimal health, and has given workshops around the country for his peers. In 1996, Dr. Mike was awarded a United States Patent for his hypoallergenic multi-vitamin formula.

More About "Dr. Mike" Greenberg, D.C.:

His affinity for community, found him providing voluntary care for runaway teens in Los Angeles. Knowing that Atlanta would provide a safer, more wholesome environment for his family, he and his wife Andrea, decided to raise their children in Atlanta. Curing allergies naturally to food, pets and medications without shots, is Dr. Mike’s present approach to facilitating health. He is considered by many as a doctor's doctor. He achieves extraordinary results for acid reflux, arthritis and asthma. Dr. Mike’s techniques are gentle, safe and effective.

"Dr. Mike" Greenberg, D.C. is a primary healthcare provider of Millennium Healthcare and is available by appointment only. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Greenberg for Holistic Chiropractic treatment at Millennium Healthcare in Atlanta online or by calling (770) 390-0012.