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M-Metabolic Health

Disclaimer: These statements and/or supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA suggests that you consult with a health care professional before using any dietary supplement. These products and/ or supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

7 Keto Lean

7 Keto Lean | $40.00

Controls cholesterol supports weight control.

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Aligned Will

Aligned Will | $23.00

Kidney support.

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Anti-Homocysteine Complex

Anti-Homocysteine Complex | $25.50

Lower Homocysteine levels.

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B-12 Active

B-12 Active | $14.50

Pernious anemia and neurological benefits, helps prevent elevated Homocysteine and heart disease.

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B-12 ND

B-12 ND | $14.00

12 liquid, best form available.

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Buffer pH

Buffer pH | $32.00

Supplement used to increase the body's alkaline state.

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Cayenne | $6.00

Vascular health; stimulates healthy digestion..

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Core Convallaria Blend - Energetix 2oz

Core Convallaria Blend - Energetix 2oz | $26.00

Recommended to maintain heart function and healthy circulation..

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Diaxinol | $42.95

Supports healthy digestion and intestinal function.

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Doc G Vitamins

Doc G Vitamins | $20.50

90 Capsules. Patented pure multi-vitamin made with nurturing ingredients scientifically formulated and ph balanced, that work synergistically to improve cellular metabolism..

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Evening Primrose Oil (Meta EPO)

Evening Primrose Oil (Meta EPO) | $27.95

90 Softgels. Authentic, pure Evening Primrose Oil; helps maintain healthy fluidity of delicate cell membranes; supports neurologic tissue and proper circulatory function..

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GugulPlex | $29.40

Herbal support for cholesterol levels.

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