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G-Gastro-Intestinal Health

Disclaimer: These statements and/or supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA suggests that you consult with a health care professional before using any dietary supplement. These products and/ or supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Betafood | $13.00

Contains beets to support digestion and intestinal function..

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Betaine Pepsin

Betaine Pepsin | $27.00

Helps to ease intestinal problems.

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Bifilon 60 Caps

Bifilon 60 Caps | $35.10

Helps relieve episodic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, gas and bloating. Decreases ammonia and putrefactive products in the digestive tract..

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ButyrEn (100 tabs)

ButyrEn (100 tabs) | $15.00

ButyrEn helps maintain colon health. 100 Tablets.

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Cayenne | $6.00

Vascular health; stimulates healthy digestion..

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Colon Max

Colon Max | $26.00

Daily fiber.

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Core Condurango

Core Condurango | $26.00

Gut healing (leaky gut, colitis).

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Core Hydrangea

Core Hydrangea | $26.00

Gall Bladder support.

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Core Milk Thistle

Core Milk Thistle | $22.50

Liver support.

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Core Pau d' Arco Blend

Core Pau d' Arco Blend | $35.00

Energetix-Recommended to help balance fungal levels, maintain normal level of flora in the digestive tract, support normal immune function and decrease sugar cravings..

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Core Restore BT

Core Restore BT | $81.95

Revitalizing healthy liver function.

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DiGest | $23.00

Healthy sugar handling.

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